2 Noble

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2Noble" is a westcoast based rap trio, with an extremely different style for the rap game. The trio consist of P.V, JU, and BWayne who coincidentally stumbled upon their interest in rap music.

the beginning P.V and BWayne ran into each other one night during a freestyle battle and admired each other's talent, and one thing led to another after that. Weeks later the two heard JU on a cd, "JU-C and Fe" and immediatly took her into the group "2Noble". JU still represents JU-C and Fe but she is now a proud member of 2Noble. The three artists form a team that is unmatched in the rap genre. They bring three different perspectives at the same time, which has never been done before. BWayne comes from the typical rap background (hard times), P.V. comes from a surburban background which is atyp